Top 5 tips for ukulele beginners

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Top 5 tips for ukulele beginners

Thu Jun 27, 2019 9:30 pm

Honestly, learning how to play ukulele would have been easy if someone had given these tips I'm about to share. It's a list tho
1. Get a decent ukulele: Go to your favorite shops and check out their ukulele collections to know which one suits you
2. Learn how to hold your ukulele: After checking out your ukulele and buying it, you'd have to learn how to hold it properly and they are dozens of videos out there on youtube
3. First things first, the basics: Learn the basics, goto youtube for beginners guide or look for a tutor
4. Fingering exercises: Do finger exercises to help your fingers get to use to the fret board
5. Practice: Always practice and have fun while doing that.
If you start having issues getting the tabs right, you can use to get all the chord shapes on different keys

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